Our Philosophy

If at every stage of his life, everyone desires to be his own person; during his or her youth he/she desires it even more strongly.  The desire to be one’s own person, however, must not be misunderstood as a license to do anything, without exception.  The young do not want that at all.  They are willing to be corrected. They want to be told yes or no.  They crave boundaries, need guidance, and they want those guides close at hand.  If they turn to authority figures, they do so because they see in them a wealth of human kindness, warmth and a willingness to walk with them along the paths they are following.


We bring discipline, truthfulness and an earnest care for others to everything we do. Our staff is especially attentive to the needs of young people who long for answers to basic questions, the search for answers and a concrete way of expressing themselves through the martial arts.  We are keenly aware of the individuality of every boy and girl and how to identify with the fundamental aspect of each one’s longing to know, explore, and develop his or her sense of self as well as his or her own martial art.

I have enjoyed some remarkable benefits from the martial arts.  Many of my personal and professional success were accomplished using the things I have learned over my years of training.  None of which would have been possible if it weren’t for Headmaster Dr. Michael Dealy and my Instructor Mr. Rocco Lombardo.  I am forever indebted to these men for starting me on The Path.  It is the journey - not the destination.