Samurai Book Club

One of the student's parents approached us and asked for help.  This father said that his son was “only motivated by Mr. Mohr and his karate.”  So we decided to further tie the martial arts into academics; specifically reading. 


This program is designed to help motivate our students to read. Samurai Book Club members must choose a book to read each month. At the end of each month, the parents get together and reward our children with ice cream or some other incentive. Each student must be prepared to tell the group which book they read and be able to share something about that book. This effort has helped them with reading retention, overcoming shyness and speaking in front of a group.

The samurai were not only adept fighters and artisans, but they were also scholars and academicians. Samurai were expected to be cultured and literate. The ancient Japanese saying Bun Bu Ryo Do (pronounced "boon boo rye-oh doe" meant literary arts, military arts, both ways or "The pen and the sword in accord" and was an ideal to which many aspired. This samurai ideal is one that we want our own children to aspire to.